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Little Cow Cake and Tutorial

By June 4, 2017 Cakes and More, Tutorials

Hello Everybody!!

It’s been a couple of years since I made this Little Cow Cake but it’s still one of my favorites.

When I was asked to make a farm inspired cake, Presley’s mommy told me that she was in love with cows and off course my immediate thought was to put a nice cow as a topper so I decided once again to step out of my comfort  zone and make the little cow just following my instincts, I had already read a little bit about how to make fondant figurines and basically everything start the same way so I decided not only to do this little cow on my way but also to make a tutorial with the purpose of being able to share it with others.

Here you have a picture of my Little Cow Cake:

Details about  this cake:

  • It was a 8” vanilla cake with buttercream icing.
  • It was covered with green homemade marshmallow fondant and decorated with yellow and white HMMF .
  • The fence was hand cut and made with brown prefabricated fondant.
  • The flowers were  made with a flower fondant cutter and I put light green dragees in the center of each flower.
  • The  grass was made with a garlic presser, no extruder at the moment LOL.
  • The name was made with the FMM funky letter fondant cutter that I bought here

Close up picture of the cute little cow:

Let me tell you something, I was REALLY HAPPY with the final product, this cow topper is really easy to make and also very versatile, in this case I wanted the cow to look really girly so I put a flower in her head but you can play with it and put a bow or a hat or even earrings to give it a funny touch to it LOL.

The tutorial about how to make this cow is in the COW TUTORIAL album on my Facebook page Cake Creations by Cecilia, here’s the link:

And that’s it for now, hope you like this post and find the moment to make this beautiful cow..if you have any questions leave a comment and I will be more than happy to help, but don’t forget to give it a try, with a little bit of PRACTICE and PATIENCE you can make wonderful things!!





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How to make a KIT KAT cake

By May 21, 2017 Cakes and More, Tutorials

Hello everybody!!

A couple of years ago, for my mother in law’s birthday we decided to make a small celebration taking her out to a restaurant for dinner and bringing the cake as a surprise and sing happy birthday in the  same place.

The plan was perfect, of course I was in charge of the cake, but there was a small detail: we plan everything the night before her birthday!! I needed to do something delicious and pretty but at the same time something quick and easy to make and like magic a life saver idea came to my mind: THE KIT KAT CAKE.

Seriously, this cake is a life saver, really easy to make and the presentation is absolutely you have a picture of my KIT KAT cake:

This is the way I made it:

  • Bake your favorite cake in a round pan and frost it with your favorite icing.
  • Cut the KIT KAT bars and place it all around the cake, here you have a sample picture:

  • Fill the center with your favorite candies, I used M&M’s.
  • Tie a ribbon outside of the cake…and that’s it!!!

Hope you enjoy this small tutorial..if you are in a hurry (and even if you are not LOL) you have to try this yummy, beautiful and easy to make cake.



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