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Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Maple Frosting

By November 10, 2017 Cakes and More

Hello Everybody!!

I don’t know if it happens to you but when November arrives I feel immediately  the spirit of the Holiday season.

I love to see how the atmosphere transforms with autumn and harvest themes everywhere and how families begin to prepare for one of my favorite Holidays: Thanksgiving Day.

It is for this reason that today I bring you a very appropriate dessert for this season that also could be the perfect complement for your Thanksgiving dinner, I’m talking about these delicious Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Maple Frosting.

These cupcakes are  really tasty, they have a moist and smooth texture and the best of all is that they are very quick and easy to make so without wasting time here you have the recipe.

                                                                      PUMPKIN PIE CUPCAKES




-Preheat your oven at 350 gr F. Mix flour, baking powder, baking soda, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and salt. In a separate bowl mix pumpkin puree, oil, sugars, eggs and vanilla. Mix wet and dry ingredients. Fill your baking cups halfway. Bake 20-25 minutes. This batter is enough for exactly 12 cupcakes.

                                                           CREAM CHEESE MAPLE FROSTING




-Mix all the ingredients one by one with a hand mixer. Frost your cupcakes.

Here’s a close-up so you can see how cute and fluffy they look inside:

I don’t want to say goodbye  without first encouraging you to make these cupcakes..I’m sure you’re going to love them, they’re so good that it’s impossible to eat just one!!!

Thank you so much for reading !!!



















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Great Gatsby Cake and Big Flower Tutorial

By November 3, 2017 Cakes and More, Tutorials

Hello everybody!!

I still don’t know the first person who after having seen the Great Gatsby movie was not impressed with the style that characterized the 20’s.

Apart from the majestic Art Deco style that was born with the 20’s, what most caught my attention was the fashion, where colors like black and gold, long pearl necklaces and large flowers were the distinctive elements of the glamour that predominated at the time, that are also perfect details to be reflected in a cake.

When I had the opportunity to make a Great Gatsby cake for a birthday party, these details were basic for this wonderful theme, also I took the time to do an easy tutorial about how to make a big flower, which can be used in any occasion to enhance your cake with an exquisite and elegant touch..but before the tutorial some details about this cake:

  • It was a two tier 6″ and 8″ cake, both of them vanilla cake with Dulce de Leche filling and buttercream icing.
  • The cake was covered and decorated with homemade marshmallows fondant except for the black fondant which was prefabricated.
  • For the golden details I used homemade marshmallows fondant colored first in yellow and then painted gold with this spray.
  • To make the number 30 cake topper I used this cookie cutter set.
  • To make the borders and the necklace I used this silicone mold (one of my favorites and most used).

                                                                        BIG FLOWER TUTORIAL

  • Place the flowers in a flower foam and using a ball tool smooth the edges to achieve a natural look of the petals.

  • Stick the flowers to each other with water from largest to smallest order and let it dry on a flower shaping bowl or on any curved surface , for the center of the flower make a little fondant ball, flatten it and stick it to the center of the flower.

Here is a close-up of this extremely beautiful flower placed on the cake:

The cake was a great success and I guess that it was largely because of the elegant big flower detail in the decoration..please do this flower, you will see that it is very easy to make and the result is simply beautiful!!

Thanks for reading me, see you next time!!





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Because Cakes speak all Languages!!

By October 28, 2017 Cakes and More

Hello everybody!!

When I started this blog I did it with the intention of sharing with you fun and easy ideas about how to decorate cakes and something that I had very clear is that I wanted the content to come not only in English, but also in Spanish, because this is my first language and also because of the number of Spanish-speaking friends and family that I have.

When someone visited the blog they could see the same post repeated in English and Spanish and with this I managed to cover both languages, but something happened..when it came to take a look at the blog in general, people who do not speak Spanish thought that the blog was repeated for some technical issue and exactly the same happened with Spanish readers.

In short, because the blog had the repeated posts this was creating confusion in both languages when the intention was the opposite..this is why I decided to make a small change in the blog, something very easy to use and really versatile.

When you visit the blog, around the middle of the sidebar you will be able to find this button:This little button allows you to automatically translate the content into any language, therefore not only can it be translated into Spanish but also to the language that is of the reader’s preference.

With this small change, we guarantee a more concise and dynamic content, and also cover a wider population of readers and always with the intention of bringing useful, easy and fun information.

Once again, thank you very much for reading me..I promise a cake related post next time, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to inform you about the changes we are making to make your visits to the blog a more pleasant experience Because Cakes speak all Languages..see you next time!!



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Black Buttercream Halloween Cake

By October 20, 2017 Cakes and More, Tutorials

Hello Everybody!!

As is usual at this time everyone is getting ready for Halloween so to keep up the mood I want to share with you this Black Buttercream Halloween Cake.

As I’ve told you on previous occasions I always make my own fondant and buttercream but when it comes to colors like red, brown or black I prefer to buy them prefabricated because it is difficult for me to achieve these colors, but in this occasion I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and I decided to take the risk of making my own black buttercream.

I have to admit that at first I felt a little doubtful but I made the attempt  anyway and the truth is that it was totally worth it..this frosting turned out to be easier than I thought and the best of all is that the taste is delicious, so of course I will share the recipe but before some details about this cake:

  • It was a 6″ round cake, to make this cake I prepared a vanilla batter then I divided it into two equal parts and on one of them I added a few drops of orange food coloring to get a cake with two tones inside.
  • It was filled and frosted with black buttercream, recipe below.
  • For the decoration I used these sugar pumpkins and these sprinkles.

Here you have a picture of the cake already cut so you can see how beautiful it looks inside and below you can find the recipe of the black buttercream frosting:

                                                                       BLACK BUTTERCREAM RECIPE








-Beat the butter for two minutes until smooth, add vanilla.

-Add the sugar one cup at a time, if you notice that the consistency is very thick add a splash of milk or cream or if you see the consistency is very loose add more sugar.

-Add the cocoa and when it’s fully mixed add 1/2 spoonful of black coloring, you will notice that the frosting will turn dark gray then add another 1/2 spoonful of black coloring..the trick to achieve a good dark black buttercream is to let it rest overnight, in my case I wanted the buttercream to look super black so I added another 1/2 spoonful of black coloring.

-This buttercream has a delicious chocolate flavor, the food coloring does not change the flavor or the texture, this amount is enough to fill and decorate a 6″ three layer cake, if you cake is bigger than that you can double or triple the amount.

Please make this buttercream, if you are a chocolate lover like me you will love it..don’t forget that the most important thing is to let it rest overnight and another important suggestion, do not use white clothes because it is sure that you are going to get dirty!!! LOL

Thank you so much for reading me, see you next time!!



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Pastel de Halloween con Glaseado Negro

By October 20, 2017 Pasteles y Mas, Tutoriales (Spanish)

Hola a todos!!

Como es costumbre en esta epoca todo el mundo se esta preparando para el dia de Halloween asi que para mantener el animo quiero compartir con ustedes este Pastel de Halloween con Glaseado Negro.

Como les he comentado en ocasiones anteriores  siempre hago mi propio fondant o glaseado pero cuando se trata de de colores como el rojo, marron o negro prefiero comprarlos prefabricados por lo dificil que se me hace lograr estos colores pero en esta ocasion quize  salir de mi zona de confort y decidi tomar el riesgo de hacer mi propio glaseado negro.

Tengo que admitirles que al principio me sentia un poco dudosa pero de todas formas hice el intento y la verdad es que valio la pena totalmente..este glaseado resulto mas ser facil de lo que pense y lo mejor de todo es que el sabor es delicioso asi que por supuesto aqui les comparto las receta pero antes algunos detalles acerca de este pastel:

  • Este era un pastel de 6″, para hacer este pastel prepare una masa de vainilla luego la dividi en dos partes y a una de ellas le añadi unas cuantas gotas de colorante naranja para asi obtener un pastel de dos colores por dentro.
  • Estaba relleno y cubierto con glaseado o crema de mantequilla (buttercream) de color negro, ver receta mas abajo.
  • Para la decoracion utilize estas calabazas de azucar y estas grageas.

Aqui tienen una foto del pastel cortado para que vean que hermoso se ve por dentro y luego mas abajo podran encontrar la receta para el glaseado negro:










-Batir la mantequilla por dos minutos hasta que tenga consistencia suave, agregar la vainilla.

-Agregar el azucar una taza a la vez, si notas que la consistencia esta muy espesa agrega un chorrito de leche o crema o si por el contrario la consistencia esta muy suelta agrega mas azucar.

-Agrega la cocoa y cuando ya este bien mezclada añade  1/2 cucharada de colorante negro, vas a notar que el glaseado se va a tornar gris oscuro, luego agrega 1/2 cucharada mas de colorante negro..el truco para lograr un glaseado bien negro es dejalo reposar de un dia para otro, en mi caso queria que el glaseado me quedara super negro asi que le agrege 1/2 cucharada mas de colorante negro.

-Este glaseado tiene un delicoso sabor a chocolate,  el colorante no le cambia para nada ni el sabor ni la textura, esta cantidad es sufiente para rellenar  y decorar un pastel de 6″ de tres capas, si tu pastel es mas grande puedes doblar o triplicar la cantidad.

Por favor hagan este glaseado, si como yo ustedes son amantes del chocolate les va a olviden que lo mas importante es dejarlo reposar de un dia para otro y otra sugerencia importante, no utilizen ropa blanca porque es seguro que se van a ensuciar!!! Jajajaja

Muchas gracias por leerme, hasta la proxima!!





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Candy Corn Surprise Cupcakes

By October 13, 2017 Cakes and More, Tutorials

Hello Everybody!!

Since the month of October arrives the United States is preparing to celebrate one of its most popular festivities: Halloween!!

Although it is true that this celebration is not to the liking of many, we can not deny that for the majority Halloween means fun..we see as from people, houses to shopping centers disguise themselves with allegorical themes and not to mention how much children enjoy collecting candies and sweet treats.

And talking about sweets and candies if I had to choose the one that most represents this occasion without a doubt, I would have to choose the Candy Corn, called thus not because they have corn flavor but because of their similarity to the colors of the corn kernels.

It is for this reason that today I want to share with you this easy but fun idea for your Halloween desserts, Candy Corn Surprise let’s do this:

  • Bake your cupcakes, to make these cupcakes I prepared a vanilla batter and then added a few drops of orange food coloring also I used Candy Corn  themed baking cups to give them an appearance more in line with the theme but you can use white plain baking cups and they still going to look really good.

  • Hollow the center of your cupcakes, I used a cupcake corer but you can use a knife.
  • Fill with Candy Corn.

  • Frost your cupcakes with white icing or your favorite icing color, to achieve this swirl I used Wilton 1M tip.
  • To finish your decoration add sprinkles, I used this ones and I also put a Candy Corn as a cupcake topper.

And here you have a close-up of the surprise cupcakes, ready to eat:

Well, I hope that after seeing how easy it is to do and how beautiful these cupcakes are you feel encouraged to make them and to enjoy them with your friends and my house they did not last more than 5 minutes!!

And that’s it for now, thanks for reading..see you next time!!!



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Cupcakes Sorpresa de Caramelos de Maiz

By October 13, 2017 Pasteles y Mas, Tutoriales (Spanish)

Hola a todos!!

Desde que llega el mes de Octubre  los Estados Unidos se preparan para celebrar una de sus festividades mas populares: Halloween!!

Si bien es cierto que esta celebracion no es del agrado de muchos, no podemos negar que para la mayoria Halloween significa diversion.. vemos como desde personas, casas  hasta centro comerciales se dizfrazan con motivos alegoricos a la fecha y ni hablar de lo mucho que disfrutan los niños recolectando dulces y caramelos.

Y hablando de dulces y caramelos si tuviera que elegir el que mas representa esta fecha sin lugar a dudas tendria que elegir los Caramelos de Maiz o como se diria en Ingles los “Candy Corn” llamados asi no porque tengan sabor a maiz sino por  su similitud a los colores de los granos del maiz.

Es por esta razon que hoy quiero compartir con ustedes esta facil pero divertida idea para sus postres de Halloween:  Cupcakes Sorpresa de Caramelos de Maiz..pues manos a la obra!

  • Hornea tus cupcakes, para hacer estos cupcakes prepare una masa de vainilla y le añadi unos cuantas gotas de colorante naranja, ademas utilice unos capacillos con motivos de caramelos de maiz para darle un aspecto mas acorde con el tema pero por supuesto pueden utilizar los tradicionales capacillos blancos y como quiera sus cupcakes van a lucir muy bien.

  • Haz un hueco en el centro de tus cupcakes, yo utilice un descorazonador de cupcakes pero lo puedes hacer usando un cuchillo.
  • Rellena con caramelos de maiz.

  • Decora tus cupcakes con glaseado blanco o con el color de tu preferencia, para esta decoracion utilize la boquilla Wilton 1M.
  • Para completar tu decoracion agrega grageas de colores, yo utilize estas y ademas les puse como tope a los cupcakes un caramelo de maiz.

Y aqui les dejo un acercamiento de los cupcakes sorpresa, listos para comer:

Pues espero que despues de ver lo facil de hacer y lo bonito que son estos cupcakes se sientan animados a hacerlos y a disfrutarlos con sus amigos y familiares..en mi casa no duraron mas de 5 minutos!!

Es todo por ahora, gracias por leerme…hasta la proxima!!!

















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Pasteles de Baseball y Tutorial para Bate

By September 29, 2017 Pasteles y Mas, Tutoriales (Spanish)

Hola a todos!!

Sin temor a equivocarme puedo asegurar que si hay un deporte que a todo  el mundo le gusta, ese es el Baseball!!

En mi caso y siendo Dominicana, el baseball va mas alla de ser un una cultura!! Desde que somos niños pequeños nuestros padres nos llevan al estadio y ahi es cuando se desarrolla nuestro amor por nuestro equipo favorito y esto pasa de generacion a generacion, ademas tengo que mencionar a los jugadores de baseball dominicanos, para mi los mejores del mundo, los cuales con mucho orgullo nos representan a nivel internacional.

Como la temporada de baseball  esta casi terminando aqui en los Estados Unidos y casi comenzando en mi pais Republica Dominicana quiero compartir con ustedes un par de ideas para sus pasteles de Baseball pero primero quiero enseñarles una forma facil de como hacer un bate de baseball en fondant, el elemento decorativo necesario para complementar sus pasteles de Baseball..aqui lo tienen:

  • Enrrolla las tiras de fondant y amasa hasta que los colores esten parcialmente mezclados.

  • Cuando el fondant se vea asi, similar a la madera, pare de amasar.

  • Para formar el bate haz una salchicha pequeña y luego con tu dedo haz una endidura mas o menos a 3/4 del largo de la salchicha.

  • Para finalizar el bate empuje con su dedo el cuarto remanente de la salchicha, dale forma hasta que se sientan satisfechos con los resultados.

Y aqui tienen un par de fotos con algunas ideas de Pasteles de Baseball:


Amigos queridos, espero que estos pasteles y este facil tutorial de como hacer un bate de baseball los animen a hacer un pastel de baseball de su equipo favorito..muchas gracias por leerme y Feliz Temporada de Baseball!!!



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Baseball Cakes and Bat Tutorial

By September 28, 2017 Cakes and More, Tutorials

Hello Everybody!!

Without fear of being wrong I can assure that if there is a sport that everyone likes, that’s Baseball!!!

In my case and being Dominican, baseball goes beyond being an’s a culture!! Since we are small children our parents take us to the stadium and that’s when our love for our favorite team begins to develop and that happens generation to generation and also I have to mention the Dominican baseball players, for me the best in the world, who so proudly represent us in an international level.

As the baseball season is almost ending here in the United States and almost starting in my country Dominican Republic I want to share with you a couple of ideas for your Baseball Cakes but first I want to show you an easy way to make a fondant baseball bat, the decorative element necessary to complement your Baseball you have it:

  • Twist the strips of fondant together and knead until the colors are partially mixed.

  • When fondant looks like this, similar to the wood, stop kneading.

  • To form the bat make a small sausage with the fondant and then with your finger make an indentation to about 3/4 the length of the sausage.

  • To finish the bat push with your finger the remaining quart of the sausage, shape it until you feel satisfied with the results.

And here you have a couple of pictures with some Baseball Cakes ideas:


My dear friends, hope with this cakes and this easy baseball bat tutorial you feel encouraged to make your favorite team Baseball Cake..thank you so much for reading and Happy Baseball Season!!!



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5 ideas para Pasteles de Superheroes

By September 14, 2017 Pasteles y Mas

Hola a todos!!

Toda mi vida he visto que un tema muy popular para las fiestas de cumpleaños son los Superheroes..todos tenemos un superheroe favorito y la mayoria de niños, especialmente los varones, en algun momento quieren celebrar su cumpleaños con el tema del superheroe que ellos sueñan en convertirse algun dia.

Yo en particular, me siento muy emocionada cuando alguien me pide un pastel de superheroe porque estos pasteles se prestan mucho para jugar con los detalles y ni mencionar lo colorido y divertidos que hay duda de que se puede sacar mucha ventaja del tema de superheroe y hacer un pastel super divertido y super original que luego se convertira en el centro de atencion de su fiesta de cumpleaños de Superheroes.

Y es por esta razon que quiero compartir con ustedes 5 ideas que pueden ser usadas como inspiracion para sus fiestas..estos pasteles son lindos, divertidos y faciles de hacer asi que espero que los disfruten tanto como yo disfrute hacerlos.


Este pastel tiene una combinacion de dos de las cosas mas populares y que le gustan a los niños: Lego y frente pueden ver los ojos de el Hombre Araña pero tambien le puse los logos de Batman y Superman a los lados.


Este pastel es el pastel perfecto para los amantes de el Hombre Araña, las estrellas le dan un toque mas dinamico y la enorme araña al frente ponen este pastel en otro nivel.


Este pastel no es solamente bonito y divertido sino que tiene la ventaja de que es muy facil de hacer, especialmente cuando se presentan esas llamadas de ultimo minuto.


La combinacion de colores, los edificios en la parte de abajo y el enorme juguete de Batman en el tope hacen de este pastel de Superheroe uno muy especial.


Y para finalizar mi pastel de superheroe favorito!! Este pastel es una maravillosa combinacion de el Hombre Araña, Superman y tienes una fiesta bien grande y quieres un pastel increible definitivamente este es el pastel ideal para ti.

Todos estos pasteles estan cubiertos y decorados con fondant casero hecho a base de malvaviscos excepto el fondant negro y rojo los cuales son prefabricados.

Y esto es todo por ahora..espero que este articulo les pueda ser util y cuando tengan el chance de hacer un pastel de superheroe diviertanse mucho, yo se que tienen los super poderes necesarios para hacerlo muy bien!!!!!



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